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XL Shotgun Full Grain Chaps

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Shotgun Work Chaps
One of our past biggest challenges is to get a work chap that has leather that lasts, but that you can still move. Now we can. If you are new at chaps, look and see that the chap belt is below your jeans belt, but over the point of the buttocks. (or if yer wearin them low rise things, at least hug on top of the hips.) Chaps are not made to be so tight in your crotch that you can't sing deeper than soprano. There is a little room at the bottom to cut off if you need to. When in doubt about your upper thigh. 

Additional Information:

PLU: WEA-65-3275-XL
Tech Spec: full zip, front ties, rear buckle
XL Shotgun Full Grain Chaps view of chaps