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1/2" 22' Traditional Braided Horse Hair

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1/2” Horsehair Mecates, measuring 22 ft in length and come in a variety of Natural Earth tones.
Horsehair Mecates are a traditional Spanish-Influenced style of riding with Slobber Straps, Rawhide Bosals or for two reining as part of the graduation process form Hackamore to Strait Up Bridle.
This style of riding has risen in popularity through the reined cow horse and snaffle bit events and has migrated across the country.

Please call or Message us for specific color options as they consistently change.
Check out Our 1/2” Colored Horsehair Mecates. Pair them with our Leather Slobber Straps or Braided Bosals

Additional Information:

PLU: TRA-1/2" Mecate HM NTRL
Tech Spec: 22 feet long
1/2" 22&
1/2" 22&