Nutted Calf Black Bison "The Man in Black" Town Boot on Custom "Duke" Last

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The “Man in Black” boots are another pair from the Nutted Calf Line that are made on the custom “Duke” Last. Designed by accomplished boot maker, Dan Schwarz. Using his 20 years of experience, he designed a last that has attributes of a real foot and are used when measuring for a custom boot. The last is wider at the ball of the foot, narrow in the heal, and more rise in the instep. These boots have an impeccable fit and will wear beautifully.

The all-over black look creates an elegant and classy look that transition from dress boots to a casual Saturday. A black boot is a staple to have!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Additional Information:

PLU: NUT-0345
Tech Spec: small square toe