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1 1/2 Double Stitched Belt

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This belt is made from durable double layer (lined) 8oz harness leather stitched with white thread along each edge. Burnished black edge. Solid brass roller buckle attached with Chicago screws in case you prefer to change buckles. Matching stitched keeper. This belt is made to our standards. It is handmade by harness makers in a shop that probably has not changed much in 70 years. They still make harness for trotters and draft horses, but will make belts for us when their schedule allows. This belt will quickly become one of your favorites, and you can break it in and enjoy it for many years to come. I rarely wear any other belts.

Fit notes: the waist (length) measurement on this belt is a TRUE measurement to the middle hole (not a jeans size or any other borrowed size). Measure yourself accurately with a tape measure. If in doubt ROUND UP- it is better to be using one of the inner holes on the bight and have a little more overlap on the bitter end.

Break In: because of the thickness of the harness leather, this belt will take a couple weeks (or longer) of wearing to break in. It is stiff at first but with wear it will mold to your body and become more comfortable over time. Reverse directions of stringing belt through your belt loops every once in a while to break in more evenly. We have changed the formula on the ink used to burnish the edge to make it more stable, but you may get a bit of color transfer onto your jeans at first- stain remover will take it out.

Enjoy. This will be your favorite belt. Also an excellent gift if you can get the size right for the recipient.

Additional Information:

PLU: MAR-1.5 Tan Belt
Tech Spec: double stitched 8oz leather
1 1/2 Double Stitched Belt view of belt
1 1/2 Double Stitched Belt view of close up