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Sport Utility #2 Traditional Saddle Axe

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The Sport Utility Saddle Axe from Council Tool is a traditional US Made Axe pattern designed to be carried in a saddle bag while horseback. It is drop forged from 1060 steel, then heat-treated. The cutting edges are hand-sharpened. This axe is beautiful, however it was designed and manufactured for work. 

This specific design is a multifunctional and packable axe pattern and comes with leather masks for each cutting edge.  The innovative yet traditional American pattern sports phantom bevels that greatly reduce surface friction and bite deeper than many convex bladed axes. The bevels also aid in easy removal of the axe bit after a deep cut into the wood.

Importantly- the highly versatile Saddle Axe design has thinner left blade for cutting, shaving, and carving and a more robust right blade for notching, splitting and heavier jobs.  All these features combine to make a very well designed, versatile and useful axe. The " Saddle Axe " is a great example of American-made quality and design from our friends at Council Tool.

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