How Atomic 79 Got it's Name

It came down to two names, Continental Cowboy and Atomic 79.

Continental Cowboy was thought of because of the Marty Robins song.

Here East meets West, don’t judge a book by its cover. You need to come in and see it for yourself.  

Why Atomic 79? First you need to know a little bit of Montana’s history. The town of Bannack was the first territorial capital of Montana which is just up the road from Dillon. In 1881, the Eliel Brothers built our building in Dillon as a Mercantile off the gold trade.  The railroad hub that ran through Dillon, supplied Bannack with all necessities in order for it to flourish.

On the periodic table AU 79 is gold.  Atomic 79 came about with all this in mind along with the gold trade, the building, and the railroad hub.

So….. with that everyone put in their votes and it was a tie…. With a coin toss it was decided -- Atomic 79 won!