Windigo Signal Bag W/Field Tan and Orange



 feels good to be on land after the foggy, two hour ferry across Lake Superior. Isle Royale was barely visible as the old captain turned into the North Gap and Washington Harbor, but the fog lifted just in time to glimpse the wreck of the sunken ship America. Excitement built as you gathered your field glasses, journal, and map in your Signal Bag on approach to the Windigo Ranger station. Now deckhands unload gear from the roof of the old aluminum ferry. You reaffix your Windigo Signal Bag to the D-rings of your Isle Royale Pack. The trustworthy buckskin padded straps of the Isle feel good under the load in your waxed canvas pack. All is set to begin a boreal adventure on the big island's Greenstone Ridge— Lookout Louise is just 45 miles away...

Aptly packed, the Windigo could make a good seat, pillow, pocket, signal device, summit or day pack, foraging pouch, and more. It’s a versatile, functional, high visibility addition to most any pack or kit you choose to carry. Here’s a handy zip top bag, perfect to keep often-used gear in one spot, plus, with bright orange on one side and field tan on the other, you have the choice to blend in or stand out. Built from waxed canvas, the Windigo is tough, reliable, and weather resistant all around. Use the Signal Bag as a divider or pouch inside another pack or bag.

It’s compatible with our XP snap Accessory Bags and bigger packs, too, like the Voyageur or Garment Cover. String some cord (our 75” length works great) through the solid brass rings to make a set of basic shoulder straps— voilla, you’ve got a little daypack! Or lash it onto the outside of a bigger pack for a zip top lid (our bike bag replacement straps do the trick). The top D-rings on our Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs line up like it was made for it, so do the tumpline buckles on any of our canoe packs. The lash squares on the lid of the Summit Expedition work too, so do the rings on the Itinerant or Mesabi Range packs, as well as the loops of the Itasca Outset. There’s almost no limit to what you can attach the Windigo to, or how to do it. What a bright idea! How did you make it this far without one?

Additional Information:

PLU: FRO-833
Tech Spec: canvas, multi use

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