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JT Silversmiths Stainless Steel with Inlayed Silver on Black
  • $472.50
Double Mounted Blued Spurs
  • $650.00
Stainless Steel Silver Inlayed Crescent and Concho W/Jinglebob
  • $437.50
JT Silversmiths Card Suit Motif Silver Inlay Bit with Medium Port
  • $439.00
JT Silversmiths Argentine Snaffle
  • $449.00
JT Silversmiths Argentine Snaffle, Silver Inlay in Patina with High Port Mouthpiece
  • $449.00
JT Silversmiths Concho Silver Inlay Bit in Blue
  • $450.00
JT Silversmiths Arizona Style Silver Inlay Bit in Black with Lower Polo Mouthpeice
  • $450.00